He likes cooking. She likes eating. She's a Mac. He's a PC. She watches Bachelor. He watches The Walking Dead. He does the dishes. She does the laundry. She was homeschooled. He was not. She's a product of the 80's. So is he. Their style is mid-century modern mixed with IKEA and handcrafted Amish. They love God. They love each other. They love Simon and Betsy. They are blessed.

Project 365/5

Simon is in such a hilarious stage right now. He is learning to talk and has a handful of catch phrases such as “try it”, “try again”, “open doors”, “here ya go” and “woooow”. Also, toys are cool and all, but the best things to play with are not toys at all, or are borderline. This morning his toys were a balloon and a party clapper thing leftover from New Year’s Eve. When Kyle takes a shower Simon usually goes in with him and today when Kyle asked him if he wanted to shower he put his “toys” right outside the bathroom door, went in and shut the door.

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posted January 5, 2016

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