He likes cooking. She likes eating. She's a Mac. He's a PC. She watches Bachelor. He watches The Walking Dead. He does the dishes. She does the laundry. She was homeschooled. He was not. She's a product of the 80's. So is he. Their style is mid-century modern mixed with IKEA and handcrafted Amish. They love God. They love each other. They love Simon and Betsy. They are blessed.

Camping with Baby: Packing List

When you’re camping with a baby you don’t want to forget anything, so a packing list is essential!!

I started making packing lists on Google drive and it makes it so easy to just pull it up before a trip, modify it for that particular trip, print it out and then check things off as I pack! We are in a unique circumstance in that we are using a different camper each weekend so I can’t just leave the non-perishable essentials in the camper. I have a corner of the garage with a shelving unit and some totes and I keep a bunch of stuff there to make packing easier!

We went camping using my packing list 12 times last summer and I have whittled it down a little bit as I’ve found things unnecessary. Simon was 5-9 months old last summer so I’m sure the list will change some this coming summer as Simon will be walking around, maybe I’ll buy a leash! ;)

In case it can help anyone else I want to share my packing list!

Camping with Baby: Packing List

posted January 18, 2015

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