He likes cooking. She likes eating. She's a Mac. He's a PC. She watches Bachelor. He watches The Walking Dead. He does the dishes. She does the laundry. She was homeschooled. He was not. She's a product of the 80's. So is he. Their style is mid-century modern mixed with IKEA and handcrafted Amish. They love God. They love each other. They love Simon and Betsy. They are blessed.

Baby Herschberger: Week 36

While I had a wonderful week in Louisville with Kyle, I didn’t feel great or sleep great all week. We made it down to Louisville on Sunday evening, checked into our hotel, did a little grocery shopping and then went out to eat at a yummy restaurant Kyle went to last year called Against the Grain, and to Bluegrass Brewing Co. for dessert. :)

We were in Louisville for the RVIA (Recreational Vehicle Industry Association) National Trade Show which is every year after Thanksgiving. This is the one show that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers. So the days are spent at the Kentucky Expo Center where the manufacturers and suppliers have displays set up, and the nights are spent at manufacturer or supplier parties or taking dealers out to dinner. We didn’t do a lot of the nighttime stuff, which was fine with me, I was pretty tired by dinnertime each day!

My days pretty much consisted of sleeping in because I slept horribly at night. I was up and down a million times to pee, congested, sore throat… Then in the mornings after Kyle left I could usually get a couple more hours of sleep. In the mornings I’d hang out in the hotel room, take hot-hot-hot showers to loosen up all the junk in my system, and eventually get out the door to go visit Kyle at the show. I ended up getting him and his co-workers lunch each day, hanging out at the booth a little, and meeting some of Kyle’s dealers. Then each afternoon I’d venture out to do a little Christmas shopping. Walking around the show, and walking around Christmas shopping were pretty uncomfortable thanks to all the pelvic pressure I’ve been feeling. The staff at the hotel and the Expo Center were all super sweet and funny. One day I’d walk in and get “Girl! You’re walking the wrong way, you need to be going to the hospital! You got one or two in there?” and the next day it be “What are you having? How much longer? You barely look pregnant!”. Haha :)

The first evening there I was feeling so much pelvic pressure/slight pain and needing to pee constantly that I started worrying that I had a UTI, and since I’m super pregnant I really didn’t want to let something like that go, so I found an urgent care to get a urine test at. That came back 100% clear so I guess I’m just getting to the point in pregnancy where I’m going to be uncomfortable! I had been in contact with the midwives at Fairhaven and talked to one of them the next day, she was concerned that the discomfort I was feeling wasn’t pre-term labor and that I was drinking enough water and resting enough.

So, I have to talk about the amazing food we ate. :) Monday night after I had the all-clear from urgent care I went back to the hotel and Kyle I both got on Yelp and both found a place called Hammerheads a couple miles from the hotel. We headed out and were surprised to end up in a residential neighborhood and extra surprised that Hammerheads was in the basement of one of the houses! With some trepidation we went in and we’re so glad we did! This place specializes in smoked meats and was super yummy. Alt text

So, on the left is what we ate Monday night, clockwise from top left: mac & cheese balls w/ hollandaise, smoked Maple Leaf duck slider with pico, smoked lamb ribs, bacon brownie, and we also had truffle fries fried in duck fat. The middle is the outside of Hammerheads. On the right is what we ate on Tuesday night, clockwise from top left: “Grippo” fries, elk burger, shrimp and cheddar grit cake, mushroom medley with sun-dried tomato aoli.

Our last night in Louisville was Wednesday, and we knew we shouldn’t go back to Hammerheads AGAIN, so we went to the other restaurant that the chefs of Hammerheads own! It’s called Game and it’s a build-your-own-burger bar with some wild meat options like elk, ostrich, wild boar, kangaroo and salmon, amazing cheeses and extras options, and house-made sauces. We split an organic prime beef burger and lamb burger with a side of sweet potato fries. Then our neighbors at the bar got some meatballs that looked awesome so we got a kangaroo meatball and a bison meatball. And we got s’mores to go!!! So yeah, thank you Adam Burress and Chase Mucerino for some delicious food during our trip to Louisville!

On Thursday we headed out as soon as the show ended at 3:30 to try to beat the bad weather that was coming in. We drove in some rain and sleet but it wasn’t too bad. We stopped at an IHOP for dinner and I slipped and fell in the entryway. :( I wrenched my arm in a weird way trying to catch myself and I fell hard on my knees, it really wasn’t so bad, but it scared me! I’m usually not really effected by something like that, but it scared me and I had to sit down and let a few tears spill out! We got home late Thursday night and dropped into bed soooo tired.

Friday I went to the midwife in the morning for what will now be weekly checkups. The midwife felt like the baby has dropped some, and everything is looking good! Starting next Sunday (the 15th) I am eligible to birth at the birth center, not that it’s likely that Si will come early, but it was good to realize that from December 15th-January 19th is when I can birth there!

I have had a cold and not felt great all week but it got worse Friday night so on Saturday I took a hot shower first thing and we went out for a little bit to see our niece Kaylin play volleyball and have lunch with the family, do some grocery shopping and then came home and I went to bed! At dinner time I got up and took a hot shower (I have taken so many hot showers this week, it is the one thing that makes me feel way better for a while) and Kyle made me lentil soup and tea. :) Then I went back downstairs and started wrapping presents before going back to bed.

Today (Sunday) I’m resting some more, taking a few more hot showers, and then this afternoon heading down to Winona Lake to do a quick photoshoot and then to North Webster for the Brandpoet Christmas party! I’ll probably be super exhausted after all that, but I really don’t want to miss either and I will rest more tomorrow!

«Pregnancy Update»

Weight gain: My weigh-in at the midwife this week had me just below the 30lb mark.

What I’ve been eating: I’m still super thirsty, no food cravings, eating less than normal. Still loving sweets. :)

Baby/pregnancy purchases: I don’t think I bought anything this week!

Babies growth and development status: Baby Si is the size of a honeydew, still around 6 lbs, getting closer to 19 inches. By now everything is in good working order, he just needs to beef up a little more and work on his sucking and swallowing skills.

posted December 8, 2013

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