He likes cooking. She likes eating. She's a Mac. He's a PC. She watches Bachelor. He watches The Walking Dead. He does the dishes. She does the laundry. She was homeschooled. He was not. She's a product of the 80's. So is he. Their style is mid-century modern mixed with IKEA and handcrafted Amish. They love God. They love each other. They love Simon and Betsy. They are blessed.

Baby Herschberger: Week 20

EEEP! This week I have my ultrasound and we find out if we’re having a son or daughter! I’m also looking forward to them checking the baby over thoroughly and doing measurements and maybe adjusting/solidifying my due date.

That goes down on Thursday, and then on Saturday we’re having a birthday party for Kyle combined with a gender reveal party, so I’ll be spending the next week getting ready for that! I’m really looking forward to having friends over to hang out and celebrate with us, and see our house!

But, I’m getting ahead of myself, I need to talk about this past week! As always, a busy week. I’m still working full-time (through the end of October) but I’m also doing side projects here and there, working on stuff around the house, spending time with family and friends whenever I can, and hanging with my cute hubby!

Some free time was spent editing photos from the 2 photo shoots I had last week. I’ll do a separate blog post or two on those. I was super busy at work getting ready for Welcome Weekend. Kyle and I had deee-licious BLT’s and corn-on-the-cob two nights in a row. Our neighbor Norma brought us some tasty casserole at lunch one day. Mom and dad (Herschberger) came over and helped with a few little projects around the house. I got everything I need to make my own laundry soap. We signed up to do Financial Peace University again (we focused on debt the first time around and were debt-free within a year, now we’re focused on the next steps - savings, investing, retirement, etc…). We did our budget for the month and cut back our total spending a little! That’s sort of the week in a nutshell.

Saturday and Sunday were a little more exciting. Saturday Kyle was working a show in Richmond, IN and I worked Welcome Weekend for 4 hours. I crashed when I got home, slept for awhile, woke up grumpy, but eventually snapped out of it, put on a dress, and Kyle took me to the Oakwood in Syracuse for a late dinner! I have done 2 photoshoots at this gorgeous, recently refurbished/reopened hotel and have been wanting to try their restaurant. Well, they did not disappoint. I had the BBQ burger and it was awesome - the best part was the candied bacon, it was seriously candied and quite sweet and I thought it set the burger off perfectly. For dessert I got some sort of chocolate-chili mousse thing and it was awesome too!

Sunday I got up early (6am, over an hour before Kyle!) and showered and got ready so we could get up to Michigan in time to hear my dad preach at my home church, Countryside Bible in Jonesville. It was really great to be with mom and dad and see my church family. We had a nice lunch afterwards with my parents, my dear friend Michael and his parents, and a college student they brought to church with them. Good food and good fellowship! Mid-afternoon we headed home, I napped on the way, woke up grumpy again, is this a new thing? Haha :) Anyways, after we got home I got stuff around and headed down to Winona Lake to do an extended family photoshoot. Now I’m home, and it’s time to wrap this up and get ready for bed!

But first, the pregnancy update.

Weight gain: Up 1.5lbs this week which means I’m up 5.5lbs total from pre-pregnancy weight.

What I’ve been eating: Got my ice cream fix today when we stopped at DQ on the way home, but otherwise I’ve been eating a little better :)

Baby/pregnancy purchases: More maternity clothes, hurrah :) Haha, I am loving the maternity clothes, feeling cute and being comfy is a good thing. I got some things online from Target.com and they all arrived and are super cute, and I picked up some things at Carson’s on sale. Also, the Snoogle has made it back into our bed and I really like it again. I’ve noticed my heart racing if I lay on my back, and I’ve read that it’s not good to lay on your back after the first trimester, so the Snoogle helps me stay comfy on my side.

Babies growth and development status: Baby is the size of a banana or small cantaloupe depending on which app I look at, about 6.5 inches long, and anatomy-wise we can tell (if baby cooperates) what gender it is at our ultrasound next week!

Random pregnancy ramblings:

Alright, it’s almost 10pm and I have a had a LONG day. I’ll close with a little collage of pics from the week. Alt text Clockwise from top left:

posted August 18, 2013

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