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Baby Herschberger: Week 17

Another busy but fun week gone by. I can’t believe I am already 4 months pregnant! Feels like it’s flying by, but I also feel like right now I’m just waiting. Waiting for my belly to really pop. Waiting to feel tiny movements. Waiting to find out the gender.

Well, soon enough all of those things are going to happen! My belly is growing little by little, anytime in the next few weeks I’ll feel those little kicks, and in 25 days we find out if we’ve got a he or a she!

Speaking of a he or a she, I’m still working away getting ready for the gender reveal/Kyle’s birthday party at the end of August. Just today I finished the menu poster, mom made 2 sets of red, white and blue flag bunting, and I made a “guess the baby’s birthday” calendar. R.S.V.P.’s have been trickling in and we’ve got 49 people coming so far, it’s going to be so fun!

Alright, the run-down/highlights of the week:

Alright, the official update:

Weight gain: Still at pre-pregnancy weight. Which is fine, but I’ll actually be excited when I gain a little, ha!

What I’ve been eating: A little healthier! More fruits and some veggies. My appetite is a little more normal, but I still get full really fast, and I haven’t been starving at night like I was for a few weeks. Today and yesterday we (Kyle, mom and I) only had 2 real meals with a small snack as the third meal.

Baby/pregnancy purchases: I ordered two maternity shirts from Gap.com and didn’t know what size to get so I got mediums, well, those were a little snug so I’m exchanging them, but I LOVE the way they look on and the fabric is nice. I hope the larges fit nicely and don’t end up too baggy. At the outlet mall I got comfy, stretchy items that will work for awhile: 2 dresses, a cardigan, some long stretchy tank-tops and the most divine Gap Body sweatpants. The waist band on the sweatpants stays up on my belly and they are so-so comfy!

Babies growth and development status: Baby is the size of a turnip (or onion), about 5.1 inches long, and is beefing up and growing a stronger, thicker umbilical cord. Next week baby gets its fingerprints!

A few more pregnany randoms:

posted July 28, 2013

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